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Our firm has extensive experience in this kind of services and offers its clients the adaptation program that is, the most efficient and - which is non the less important - one of the most affordable at the today's service market. If you have contacted other serious companies for information on the prices of adaptation, you can compare the costs and volume of the service proposed by us.

The Settlement program is  to:

  • Match you with a friend familiar with Canadian ways
  • Help you overcome the stress of moving to a new country
  • Help you learn about available services and how to use them,
  • Help you practice English or French,
  • Help you develop contacts in your employment field,
  • And help you participate in community activities.

In return, the host volunteer will have you as a new friend, learn about your culture and strengthen community life.

For new Canadians arriving in Ontario, our office is presently offering the following services to assist in the settlement and adaptation to a new country and culture (similar services in other cities are being arranged):


Airport Pickup



Social Insurance Number / (SIN)

Health Care/ (OHIP)

Community Centre

Public Transportation

Finding a Job

Apply for University or College




The client will be taken on a tour of the area in which they will be residing.

They will be provided with guidance regarding the use of public transport in the area, locations of places of worship for their faith, locations where they can buy groceries, and where foods that they may be familiar with can be found (ethnic grocery stores).



Accommodation is one of the important issues that new comers face after entering Canada. Our firm has made this as easy as possible for them by supporting new comers Financially and even preparing the safe and comfortable place for them before their arrival.

Short term: a representative will arrange suitable accommodations for the nights immediately following arrival in Canada.
Long Term: following a chance to learn more about what the client prefers, a more permanent residence will be located in accordance with the budget, which is agreed upon.

The location of suitable schooling nearby may be a consideration for those clients arriving with children.
Obtaining credit from the bank in order to buy house, is part of our financial service.

Airport pickup

Meeting at the airport and transit to the hotel or temporary apartment booked in advance.

The apartment will be equipped and ready for rest after the long trip.


If bank accounts have not yet been established, a representative will assist the client in establishing bank accounts, and obtaining automated banking cards.
How do banks work?

Essentially, banks and other financial institutions such as trust companies, caisses populaires and credit unions provide:

1. a safe place to keep your money,
2. services to help you manage your money, and
3. loans and mortgages.
It is important to realize that financial institutions do not just hold your money in a safe place. They make money by:
1. investing your money, for which they pay you interest;
2. lending you money, for which they charge you interest; and
3. providing you with credit, usually in the form of a credit card. The interest rate on credit cards on your unpaid balance is quite a lot higher than on a conventional loan.